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    Default My keys2cognition cognitive function test results.

    Hey, first of all, I'm new here, and I'm pretty sure I'm an INTP

    I took the key2cognition cognitive function test (found here: and I found my results to be rather interesting:
    Ne - 45.9 (excellent use)
    Ti - 41.7 (excellent use)
    Fi - 34.7 (good use)
    Te - 34.7 (good use)
    Si - 27.6 (average use)
    Ni - 26.7 (average use)
    Se - 15.5 (unused)
    Fe - 12.6 (unused)

    I find it interesting that my Fe is less developed than than all of my shadow functions (assuming I truly am an INTP), and I also find it weird how my Fi and Te are almost as high as my Ti. Can anyone make more sense of these results?

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    Such a test is unreliable most of the time?

    If we are going to look at this at face value then you could probably come to the conclusion that you are an ENTP or something like that then. If only because the theme of T > F.

    I always feel like I'm odd when I get results that are mostly Ti > Te > Si > Se > Ne > Ni > Fe > Fi when I'm being 100% honest. It's quite straightforward like that.
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    Dario Nardi's test (the one you took) is arguably the most-linked-to cognitive functions test — but, as further discussed in this INTJforum post, INTJs typically get high Ni scores and high Ne scores (with Ni not substantially favored over Ne), and high Te scores and high Ti scores (with Te not substantially favored over Ti), when they take Nardi's test.

    As I understand it, there isn't a single function-based test on or off the internet on which INTJs reliably get high Ni and Te scores and low Ti and Ne scores and INTPs reliably get high Ti and Ne scores and low Ni and Te scores — never mind scoring the third and fourth functions in a way that matches the model.

    And what functions model should a good test be matching, anyway? Myers acknowledged that the majority of Jung scholars believed (rightly, IMHO) that Jung's model for a Ti-dom with an N auxiliary was Ti-Ni-Se-Fe. Myers' model was Ti-Ne-Se-Fe — although Myers, despite some lip service to the contrary, essentially abandoned the functions for the dichotomies. Harold Grant's model — followed by Berens and Nardi and most of the other modern functions theorists — was Ti-Ne-Si-Fe.

    Assuming you have reasonably well-defined preferences, I think you're more likely to correctly type yourself using dichotomy-based tests than tests (or analysis) based on the "cognitive functions." And if you've got one or more preferences that are in or near the middle, I think dichotomy-based tests are more likely to correctly indicate that situation as well.

    If you want to see how you come out on the official "Step I" MBTI, it's here.

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    The whole 8 function theory is a fail, on top of that people take some fail tests and think that they give them the truth. INTP has 4 functions, thinking, intuition, sensing and feeling. Thinking has an introverted attitude, intuition extraverted attitude, sensing introverted attitude(extraverted if you ask Jung or original MBTI) and feeling has extraverted attitude. When you get high Fi from that sort of test as an INTP for example, its not measuring Fi at all, it just asks questions that Fi users often answer yes or no to and it makes an fail assumption that you too are using Fi if you answer like many Fi users would.

    Most the time these sort of tests are able to guess dom and aux function right, but usually are not be able to identify which one is actually dom and which is aux.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PimpinMcBoltage View Post
    I always feel like I'm odd when I get results that are mostly Ti > Te > Si > Se > Ne > Ni > Fe > Fi when I'm being 100% honest. It's quite straightforward like that.
    and what's your MBTI type?

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