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    Default Ixxx trying to be Exxx.

    I recently found out about the MBTI. I read that I'm an INFP and it was a eureka! moment.

    I've heard of "horror stories" of introverts trying to act as though they were extroverts.

    Would it be possible for someone to give me an example?

    Much love.

    And thanks.

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    Making yourself stressed out and depleted by going out too often and not allowing yourself enough alone time.

    Believing that your reluctance to socialize or go out is fault that needs to be overcome.

    Believing that having more friends (more social interaction) will make you happier.

    Assuming that a good way to feel better if you are stressed or depressed is to go out, especially to places with lots of people and noise such as parties, clubs, festivals. An introvert needs some peace and alone time to feel better.

    Spending time in social activities with friends, family or significant other even when you feel worn out because you are worried you would hurt the relationship if you said you wanted to be alone.

    Assuming that advice given by extroverts on how to feel better is a good fit for you. Assuming that doing things in group is the best way to motivate yourself (e.g. joining a gym to work out) or learn something new.

    Buying into the lie that people who spend lots of time alone at home have no life.


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    This seems to be a problem with Introverted Feelers in particular.
    Feelers tend to be more people-focused in general- even those that are introverted.
    This describes my INFJ twin sister fairly well, except she knows that she doesn't like going to parties or clubs and tends to make friends with a similar mindset.
    I often mistake IXFJ types for extraverts at first because I can quickly get into engaging and enthusiastic conversations with them.
    I know at least one or two who were shocked when I considered them to be extraverted but I learned (somewhat of a compliment towards myself) that I am one of the few people that person can open up to easily.
    These are the same people who also view being too antisocial as an evil despite their preference for Introversion.
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    Horror story? I dont know about that... but I did spend way too many years being miserable about not fitting in. The constant worrying about it made it even worse. Then I accepted the fact but also tried out the stuff I was afraid of.

    I'd say that there are two pitfalls. You may try to be like others, which is bad. But, when you know you are not like others, you might use that as an excuse to not try anything new, which is maybe worse.

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