Counter Fe is a phenomenon that most would simply attribute to the need to be contrarian, to have a different opinion than everyone else at all times and to be as far as way as possible from the milquetoast average that is always in affect in various generations. Counter Fe, or even counter Extroverted judgement commonly finds itself in the hands of counter culture societies that find that the common/peasant mentality that is seen in the world as a negative and wish to shake up the status quo. This is generally a healthy thing in my honest opinion, and as someone who finds it difficult to fully stick to my own opinions yet also finds it difficult to trust what is simply being said after I've had a good deal of information backing me, this is generally how I roll. However there is also a dark side to this, just as often as you find politically progressive people with this counter function, will you find regressive mentality folk who also distrust how things things go as well. This was the case with me, for a good deal of my life, whenever I was a teenager of the age of 14-15. I was a nazi sympathizer who held anti-semetic views for the sole purpose of rebelling against society, which was brought onto me by listening to a bunch of national socialist black metal. I was also entranced by eugenicist conspiracy theories which held the overall illuminatic conspiracy as a sort of the popular misconception of the ubermensch, which held to extort an unorthodox combination between the mentality of liberal/fascist sentiments. A sort of Redditarian god figure which controlled the world. This stroked my ego in a grand way, but this was also brought from without, and not from within. I merely wanted to be different from other people, to seek out my own way because I was rejected from society and is that not the origin of counter Fe in the first place? Counter Fe in a nutshell, is the polaristic distortion of commonly held values without necessarily actually reflecting on what one actually really desires. It does not follow it's own path, it only does what is unpopular out a desire to have other rejects come to them.

This is not a wholly new idea, but many people do not see that this is actually the extroverted feeling orientation instead of something else entirely. They do not see that Fe merely uses the "without" feeling structure to their own advantages. Even if they do so to strike iron onto others' life, to fester hatred instead of kindhearted sentiments. Indeed many people think of extroversion as sheer empiricism, a real way of viewing the world. The introvert is the morally unambiguous rapist of objectivity. The extrovert, which finds to seek one's own ego needs into the outside will simply redefine what something is. The more common version of the rapist (the "nice guy") which denies their desire to dominate the world, and pretends to be a friendly, agreeable person despite their similar distortion.