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    Default Fact and Fancy

    Quote Originally Posted by superunknown View Post
    reason needs no empiricism.
    This is true. But reason unmoored from empiricism produces only fancy.

    It is evidence and reason which gives us facts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mole View Post
    C'mon, mbti was plagiarised from Psychological Types by the Fuhrer loving Carl Jung. And Carl himself said that Psychological Types was based on no empirical evidence. So mbti is based neither on evidence nor reason.

    In fact mbti is a trance induction like astrology.

    And mbti knows not critical thinking, and avoids cognitive dissonance like the plague.
    I already addressed your "plagiarism" charges earlier in this thread.

    As for the MBTI's claims to evidentiary respectability, just as a reminder — and in case anybody else is interested — I already did my best to educate you in that department in this post (responding to another post of yours that likened the MBTI to astrology).

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    Quote Originally Posted by reckful View Post
    I already did my best to educate you
    You have done your best to educate me. But I insist on thinking critically and casting cognitive dissonance like confetti wherever I go.

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