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    Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between normal and abnormal with the MBTI. I'm always down for a spontaneous adventure, and am deadline driven. I find it hard to set and accomplish goals. Almost impossibly hard. I need a deadline.. or it must be fully spontaneous. I feel as if it's pathological.

    "People with avolition may want to complete certain tasks but lack the motivation to complete them."

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    Im quite much the same, but not too much for me to see much harm in it(hence its not pathological) and i think that its normal for P's to be deadline driven. Sure J's are more goal oriented, but for them i dont think its so much that the deadline is the goal(for J's), but completing what ever task at hand. P's usually go wandering off to other stuff, and without a deadline there may never going back to that what ever task. But i dont think its 100% J vs P in this matter, it depends on the person and how fun the task is. Also i think that there is a huge difference between for example ESTJ and INFJ.
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