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    Default What types would be into elaborate cocktails?

    I just read this article and slideshow on Popular Science's website:

    I was quite impressed with the level of intricacy involved in making these drinks, but I really could never force myself to 1) care about drinking cocktails, 2) get excited about physically making them, 3) find them interesting to talk about.

    To me, it's all too fleeting. You buy a cocktail like that for who knows how much, and then what? You look at it? You savor its refined and nuanced taste? You show it off to people or brag about how you've had it? Experiences of this nature always leave me feeling kind of empty. It's just a cocktail, in the end. I love the taste of Coke. Or milk. I'd really rather have those.

    But then you've got people like the guy in the first picture of the slideshow, who clearly find this sort of thing exciting enough to call a passion. I'm passionate about like, reading science stuff and imagining the future and different perspectives. I often wish I had a more active bent. These people actually do something physical in the world. Because they like to! That's what I can't get over. If I had that job, I'd realize it was cool and coveted and everything, but I'd ultimately find it boring and tedious. I'd have to fake any enthusiasm for it, like I do many things in the real world. I guess I never realized until recently that others aren't so much like that. They are able to do what they do because it is natural to them, they like it. At least to a greater degree.

    It seems like a lot of STJ folks are into this sort of thing, often apparently motivated by a mixture of reverence for tradition and enjoyment of a step by step process that produces a physical result. Then again, from what I have seen they tend to be more interested in beers. Cocktails do, however, have quite a lot of tradition behind them, and they (as do beers) always tend to have a reputation that the STJ finds compelling but I couldn't care less about. An old college friend of mine seemed to be obsessed with mint juleps for quite some time, and I kind of sensed that a large part of the fascination was just with how cool the concept of a mint julep seems in the context of society. Perhaps he felt savvy. Dapper. Who knows.

    On the other hand, I could see FJs (both N and S) being as compelled. EFJ seems like a bartender type to me. Drinking fancy drinks is quite the cool social pastime. I think ESPs would find a similar appeal in that, and also the previously noted physical aspect of "doing" the job/activity involves. Again, it is just so foreign to me that people would feel driven towards these sorts of experiences. This specific example gives me a better feel for just how differently some types' minds operate.

    Types that I suppose wouldn't be as interested, would be any IN or IP.

    But that's just my speculation. What's your opinion on drinks, how important is it to you, and how do you think that relates to your type?

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    You can totally put ENFJ's on the list. Pretty sure most of them wouldn't mind. I wouldn't mind making them or drinking them
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    I'm usually content with a simple daquiri, but I'd get tired of ordering the same exact thing every time I went out, so I love to try different types of cocktails or daily specials

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    sp/so or so/sp

    EDIT: i'm not very into elaborate drinks. i prefer wine, beer, or a simple cocktail (usually a gin and tonic or whiskey and cola).
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    Right here. I think that's pretty neat and I love a good drink.

    For me it's the art and the chemistry and the experience. I don't care about it enough to make a career of it, but drink-mixing is fun. I only really choose cocktails when out late with female friends... usually with dinner I like wine and when others are drinking beer I'll usually get a fruit cider.

    In general, personally, I'm just more into the slower, quality-over-quantity perspective... I don't mind waiting a while for my drink if it means I will get better taste and texture. I take a long time drinking it, too. I just like to savor it slowly. I like getting tipsy, not shitfaced... I like the little head-buzz and the tingly warmth, the flavor and the texture of it. Especially when it's paired with a good meal, or a few nice hors d'oeuvres.

    Typewise, I'm EF and so/sx and do enjoy the social/experiential aspect of it. I only really drink in a social context. That said, I think my INTP sp/sx dad would also be into this. He loves the chemistry and precision. And the buzz, of course. We both like mixing and enjoying a good drink.
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    I like to mix them up and try different ones.

    On a holiday in Greece I found one place and went through the cocktail menu, I don't normally do that but it was fun that time.
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    Does more complexity in a set of ingredients and the process through which to mix them actually serve a benefit that outweighs the additional costs incurred? If so, then include it; if not, then don't.

    If someone else serves it -- whether the drink served is a beer, glass of wine, mojito, Flaming Moe, or Long Island, it involves only one step for me: ordering the damn thing. If one of those simpler drinks does the trick, I don't care where it came from.

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    i will gladly drink the drink but i would not order it or make it myself. i might even get all excited for a min if whoever made it is all excited for me to try it...but...really...i order a glass of wine or beer the majority of time.

    there was a period when i first started going to bars and had bartender friends where i just asked to be surprised like every drink so i could try new stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    i will gladly drink the drink but i would not order it or make it myself. i might even get all excited for a min if whoever made it is all excited for me to try it...but...really...i order a glass of wine or beer the majority of time.

    there was a period when i first started going to bars and had bartender friends where i just asked to be surprised like every drink so i could try new stuff.
    me toooooooooooooooo

    i love a nice glass of wine
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    I'd prefer straight gin, but I'll take whatever's free.

    I've done bartender's school, as I wouldn't mind that as a weekend side job for an extra hundred bucks. It's not hard to make drinks, & it's entertaining to deal with drunk people/interesting to observe their dynamics. I haven't worked as a bartender, but I may try it out in the future, perhaps (after a refresher course). I suppose it engages my Se, would get me out of my head. It'd be ideal to work in a bar that doubles as a music venue, so I'd have free exposure to local music and soforth. Not a priority job by any means, but I see how it'd be easy cash, & interesting. The cocktails themselves seem inconsequential. Just another part of a job, I guess? /shrug
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