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    Default Planning Stages and MBTI

    I spend a lot of time thinking about things and asking a whole bunch of questions before I jump into context.

    Like before I play certain video games, I have to draw up a big spectrum of plans and integrate the best ideas from each together into a master blueprint. Or when I create outlines for world goals and metaphysical systems, I have to generate various categories and fit all of the pieces into their respective boxes.

    For reference, I just made a private blog recently where I have 14 groups of ideas that each contain 10 questions, which are Existence, Mind, Time, Space, Journey, Ethics, Heaven, God, Creation, Ultimate, Truth, Dreams, Love, and Dragon.

    So fellas, that's my general process for how I navigate through the planning stages of projects. How does all of this work for you, and are there connections with this to MBTI types?

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    It really depends on the thing im planning. Generally i like to know some underlying truths and then impro. Sometimes the thing requires more detailed planning and i can do that aswell. Sometimes i cant plan much ahead, but some planning is needed, so i can create complex short term plans in 0.1-2 seconds. Like the most efficient route when one friend is at one place, other friend in another place and me somewhere else and we need to meet and one guy takes 3 mins more to get to the place where we could meet, go to grocery store, then to a park, its like a snap of a finger when i have it all figured out in optimal way(like where to meet, what store to go to etc).
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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