-He was extremely patient and gentle in his approach, almost to the point of passivity. Amazing listener. He never 'cracked' or seemed frustrated, even when it was warranted. He always sympathized with you regardless of how shitty you were being, and was always reassuring. He always seemed like he legitimately cared, rather than trying to be courteous. He never gave you "ultimatums" like alot of Fe-users seem to.

-He was quirky, fairly enthusiastic, and great with wordplay. He was great at setting up spontaneous, elaborate activities for groups, and controlling the "atmosphere" of the class in a fluid, natural way. He was great at connecting the dots, re-framing things and explaining everything from a big picture perspective on the fly. He used alot of Ne-ish analogies and puns, although they were likely planned.

-He was fairly self-revealing and honest during speeches. He admitted that he always scared to death during his commute when he first started teaching, because he worried what his students would think of him. Although you wouldn't be able to tell when speaking to him. He wasn't socially awkward by any means.

-Hw struck me as somewhat reserved, yet sociable at the same time. More receptive than domineering.

My main issue with typing him was that he seemed both too passive and casual to be an INFJ (or any FJ for that matter), and too Fe-ish to be an INFP. I could also see him as an ISFJ, but he seemed to be good with N unlike many Si-doms (although he was in his 20s, so he's not gonna fit ISJ stereotypes anyway).