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    Please guys, who's ever reading this post. It's been solved. I am absolutely positively sure that I am INFJ.

    I have reservations of others being one, but I am happy that others are trying to find themselves.

    One last thing I want to let everyone know:

    As a child, I wanted to fit in with society, but I came to realize and later accept, I am just different. I don't go dress like I am the big shiz or need attention. I just like to dress nice (like the stylish ISFP) and express my own views. I will agree with those if it really is the truth (at least to me) not that it is different.

    I am in a very stressful environment which makes it seem like I am more of an S type. But it's my Se wanting to be satisfied. Please private message me if you care about my issues and stop judging me on very little information. I am hardly on here. Maybe once a week and sometimes twice.

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