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    My life revolves around routines; when I'm taken out of my routines, it's quite annoying and difficult to adapt to the new flux - I pretty much suck at improvising with new situations and acting well within them.

    Routines seem to make things more orderly, can help to refine old skills and maximize productions within the zones of focus.

    Of course, it has its weaknesses, as outlined in the first sentence of my post.

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    I struggle very much to stick to a self-imposed schedule. I have very little internal discipline in that way. There essentially must be an external impetus to schedule my life. But, hey, Ne-dom and sp-last. I'm screwed in that category.

    I think my ISFJ sp-first is better at self-regulation, but he too procrastinates, occasionally ditches his work, and enjoys his free time. He's better about regularly adhering to a steady morning routine before work than me. I use his routine as a way of shaping my own (this is why I love relationships with Js). Thinking about my family... ESFJ, INTP, ISTP... both IxTPs have specialized personal routines they stick to but the times they engage them might change, while the ESFJ is the most productive but I don't know that she actually actively schedules so much as she just happens to prefer being very productive and moving quickly from task to task. The only person I know who self-schedules fairly rigidly is an ENTJ.

    I don't really think it's a S-N difference, in any case. I do think that Ss and Js are more likely to be time-aware, which may have an impact, but I don't know that they're always more motivated to self-schedule.

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    Routine=prison. I prefer to play it by ear.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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    I do if it's a routine done by someone else. but at the same time I plan out my day, and if anything veres off course I give up and do nothing. I don't like when my plans don't work out.

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    I don't do routines. It's more like a flexible timeline of what I want to do. I am clearly ENJ but highly structured routines and schedules stress me out.

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    I'm a non-intuitive who's horrible with routines, FWIW. The only routines I have are a couple that I've tried extremely hard to make into a habit, because otherwise I'd forget to do them entirely (like showering and brushing teeth).

    I think this is more person-to-person variance than S-N. Or perhaps J-P plays a role, looking at the answers so far.
    -end of thread-

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    I need to have flexibility, but without an external routine I'm a hopeless wanderer. A rigid routine will send me running for the hills lickety split.

    Also, changing routines is helpful for me. I alternate lunch times every other day. I'll do things one way for a while and then re-create another way after a few weeks. Too long in even a flexible routine grates on me.
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    yeah, i don't know about intuitives per se.

    head types don't like to be stuck in routines and have trouble following them, because they go so against the grain of their experience, which is sometimes so far away from the ground, that's for sure. body types like to have autonomy to make decisions. heart types want to feel like what they're doing is valuable, and they have an easier time when they are positively connected to others.

    i don't think anyone likes routine to the point where it impinges on their desires without offering something more valuable in return. head types like learning, heart types like connecting, body types like deciding/acting.

    intuitives might have more resistance to routines that promote intense cognitive dissonance. it's harder for them to stay in one one context, so they might be quicker to feel out of place, when those others contexts show this one in a way that simply no longer makes any fucking sense. S types rebel too, for sure, but it at its source is usually drawn from more local resources.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    heart types want to feel like what they're doing is valuable, and they have an easier time when they are positively connected to others.
    I'd change valuable to meaningful, and I have an easier time when I'm feeling positively connected to what I'm doing, when it feels 'true' to me. But I'm also a Fi dom and a four.

    I hate routine and suck at it. This isn't to say I don't have my things I do most days, but it depends entirely on how I feel day to day. It helps if I have an outwardly imposed goal to motivate me, but one where I can do whatever I feel like doing to achieve it. For example, a writing submission deadline or an impending art show. My time management skills are abysmal. I never pay attention to what time it is, which is kind of funny because I grew up in a house with multiple clocks in every room. Yes, my dad is an ISTJ. I think they (and ESTJs) are the most consistent type when it comes to time management and routine. ISFJs can be like that too.

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    As a strong Ne, I have a lot of problem with routines -- I keep adjusting / adapting to the current situation rather than establishing hard lines.

    It's something I am actually trying to work on, as it would help me be more productive as well as physically healthier if I can draw some harder lines for myself and not flex as much.

    I find people who actually like routine naturally tend to feel more secure with them -- they actually have impetus to establish them and follow them. To me, they're not my preference and so I have to invest much more energy and commitment to get them in place.
    "Hey Capa -- We're only stardust." ~ "Sunshine"

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