I have designed a *survey* which takes your ratings for a particular thing as the input.

If you know your **MYERS-BRIGGS PERSONALITY TYPE**, you can complete the survey.
I have given tree links to the survey so that you have other options if any of the websites go down or become "Temporarily Unavailable" ...

* (Link 1)

* (Link 2)

* (Link 3)

You can complete the survey according to your convenience.

PS - *As the websites are hosted on Google Apps, they might go temporarily unavailable every 24 hours (approx) for some time after their serving quota is met. They will be re-hosted everyday at 12:00 PM (IST) or 22:30 PM (PST) or 01:30 AM (EST) or 06:30 AM (GMT). Google will provide a message if that happens, but do come later to enter the data.*