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    Default people that you relate to who don't share the same type as you

    They can be people you know, famous people, fictional characters, and so on!

    1) What do you believe their type is?

    2) What about them do you relate to/see in yourself?

    3) What parts of them do you admire/wish you could have?

    4) Do you believe seeing yourself in them and admiring them have influenced your actions at all? (ex: an ENFP that relates to an ESFJ acting more Fe-ish)

    Now I'll do one.

    Aoi Asahina (Danganronpa)

    1) ENFJ 2w3(sw1w2) - 6w7(sw7w8) - 1w9(sw9w8) so/sx

    2) Her loyalty and trust in her friends. My friends are everything to me. If I was placed in a "kill or be killed" situation like she was I would definitely find that one person I can trust and feel safe with too and look for the best way for everyone to get out safely. I definitely relate to fighting for my friends' sake even if it means something costly for me.

    Standing up for others. I'd be lying if I said I didn't slap someone or curse them out when they were speaking badly of my friend. You mess my friends and you mess with me and I'll make you plainly aware of that.

    Her optimism and ability to stay positive in a negative situation. I always believe in things working out and looking at the bright side. It makes me seem stupid or air-headed to others but I don't care. That's how I handle things.

    3) Being so-first and sp-last, I definitely resonate with self-sacrifice for the sake of others but I'm not sure if I could go as far as she could. I value my life and even I want to get revenge for my friend's death by killing everyone else I don't know if I could sacrifice myself in the process as well. I'm not sure if I want that quality in myself, but I do admire her dedication to her friend and how sincere she is when taking her friends' words to heart.

    4) I already am a sort of Fe-ish ENFP, but I don't think I was influenced by her specifically. But she definitely is my favorite character in the series.
    7w6 - 2w3 - 8w7 sx/so

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    I choose...Bjork!


    1) What do you believe their type is? INFP

    2) What about them do you relate to/see in yourself? The combo of sweet and wild. She loves wacky things, human subject matters, and has a very strong spirit. She likes to make beautifully soft and melodic music, use hard heavy beats, and scream and go nuts!

    3) What parts of them do you admire/wish you could have? Well, I wish I were as creative as she is. I admire her for having a long and true career, and for starting at such a young age. Also, she seems to be feminine, but not overly concerned with looking attractive. I wish I cared less about that, and was able to dive fully into self-expression and art.

    4) Do you believe seeing yourself in them and admiring them have influenced your actions at all? (ex: an ENFP that relates to an ESFJ acting more Fe-ish) Hm, well we have all the same functions anyway. I guess she probably has a 4 fix, and I can see myself having a bit of that tendency as well. I love to express myself through clothes, music, and words and feel like a unique individual who is often misunderstood. I wish I had the guts to dye my hair crazy colors and get lots of tattoos and go crazier with my clothes.
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    1. ISFJ 6w7 sp/so
    2. Gentleness, loyalty, and adventurousness in spite of high anxiety.
    3. Lighter, friendlier disposition
    4. Not MBTI, but it helped me decide on my instinctual variant. I was reading about the instinct ranges and he was listed as one of the examples for weakside (strong so) sp/so. Can't deny that we have similar vibes, and the fact that I actually like this example made me feel better about ruling out the more attractive-sounding stackings of so/sx and sx/sp.

    Franz Kafka


    1. INxJ or INTP 5w4 sp/sx
    2. Too tired to try to answer this question intelligibly so I'll just post some excerpts from his diaries that I see myself in

    3. Intelligence and writing ability
    4. Actually, yeah. Gave me a little more reason to consider INTJ or 5w4 for a while, though eventually I realized how far-fetched both possibilities were. I have the same functions as an ISTJ and there seems to be a Pi/E4 correlation, which explains why I thought I could be an Ni-dom...but still. I'm an obvious feeler and I don't aim for detachment like a 5.)

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