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    Quote Originally Posted by thoughtlost View Post
    ...If that title made any sense, then that's the first "normal" thing I did all day xDD

    So. How I would understand if my conscious places an emphasis on being lawful or not. I was reading that website that talks about all the functions, and the dude (Jung?) said that people whose main focus is using a judging function will lead a life with some kind of conviction and try to make life 'rational' while those whose conscious places on emphasis on perceiving functions just experience life as it is (it's not that they aren't selective with how they live their lives... they just don't consciously try to put life's happenstances in an order ...I guess?). I know this might be asking "do I lead with a judging function or a perceiving function, BUT ...but, I don't think that's what I want to ask; it would imply that I am going by the modern MBTI concepts, and I'd like to see how my cognitive processes would make sense based on Jung's own ideas.

    here is a quote... cause I am shit at expressing myself...

    So yah... can the intelligent/typologically educated (or almost any human who spends a crap ton of time thinking about these things ...idk) people of this forum help me make sense of this? Thankalanks ^_^
    @highlander HAAALLLPPP ...if you don't mind
    Maybe @INTP has a view. He's studied Jung a lot more than I have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    Maybe @INTP has a view. He's studied Jung a lot more than I have.
    OK!! Thank you ^_^_^_^_^

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