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  • I'm introvert in MBTI and I prefer self-sufficiency

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  • I'm introvert in MBTI and I prefer interdependence

    1 25.00%
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    Default Which do you value more, self-sufficiency or interdependency?

    The ultimate (extreme) self-sufficient person lives in the wild, hunts their own food and is their own company.
    The less extreme self-sufficient person might live in a city, prefer their own company, build their own computer, but they'll still buy electricity to run it.

    The extreme inter-dependent person might not be able to tie their own shoelaces and they don't know if Ronald Reagan runs the corner winestore or if he was the president of a country, but they might know who's who in sports and they might know who to speak to if they want to have an event organized.
    The less exreme interdependent person might mostly focus on buying things they need and connecting with people they need to handle their stuff. They might be quite specialized in what they do and focusing mostly on human networks to do their thing.

    Where do you place on the independence - interdependence scale? Or.. self-sufficent - interdependent? Independence and self-sufficiency are just two words for me to describe the same phenomenon from a different perspective.

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    This went wrong, I wanted more options. Well. If you answer the poll, you'll have to be introvert =)

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