• We Are Not Going to Snap and Stab Your Face Off...

AKA, nerd rage. "Snapping" isn't the right word. It's more like - revealing the true self, hidden beneath the clothing of civility. Have you ever seen those suits they use in the movies that come off all at once? You know what I mean.

  • We Are Not Drowning in a Sea of Depression

No, we are drowning in a sea of our own feces. We made our beds, and we definitely lie in it - while blaming the entire universe except ourselves.

  • We Don't Hate the Mainstream

True, we don't hate the mainstream. We intensely dislike the mainstream as the cause of our drowning in a sea of feces. The mainstream can just go suck on a doorknob for all we care.

  • We Are Not Socially Disconnected Outcasts

According to the author of the Cracked article: "It wasn't until I was a full-grown adult that I understood that you can be an introvert but still have friends." BWAA-HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! The author is deluded into believing he has friends when all he really has is users - just like anybody who pretends an adult can be friends with another adult, extravert, introvert, and ambivert alike. Being "friends" ended with childhood, now all we have are people we keep close by to bum cigarettes and money off of. Except for me, I don't smoke, I just need money.