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    Default Subjects Unrelated to Personality Type

    I think most of us would agree that there are a lot of subjects asked about in light of personality type that are probably not related. But, do you ever think you just want to talk to people who have yours and every other type about just to see how they experience things? Like hey, ENFPs, what kind of dreams do you have? What about ESTPs? Dreams might not be related to personality type. Maybe they are, who knows? But I think that maybe if there is someone who has similar experiences to mine, we could find out some cool stuff. And if we have similar personality types, we might share the same reasoning or reaction or whatever. And if their personality is different, they might look at it a different way, and I could gain insight there.

    Just a thought. Now I have to figure out what to name this thread, haha.
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    Yup! I always want to see what the inside of everyone else's world looks like.

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