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My experience with the INTJ stare is that he stares when he's thinking. He kind of goes up into his internal world of thought and puts the stare up like a Gone Fishin' sign. Sometimes I think I have messed up hair or something if he happens to be looking toward that direction, and sometimes it happens mid-conversation with no warning and I can grow a little impatient waiting for responsiveness and for the conversation to resume. He makes great eye contact, and I can only think of one INTJ that doesn't really. Ahh the mysterious INTJ. What is going on up there?

awh mann... husband says that same thing about me. and since I have realized I do do it. Ni-daze (but I'm INFJ).

the one I'm talking about is more (like I'd said) a serial-killer-type-knowing-stare. very engaged. caluclating. keen observation.