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    Default NJs how do you exercise your creativity?

    Not artistic creativity but creativity/ideas to realize something you desire? Not inducing it usually I know. Meaning, not coming up with ideas until coming up with the most viable. I assume njs take the longest to - not only - arrive at an idea but also to decide what exactly which is needed. (No i'm not suggesting in any way that njs aren't decisive. On the contraty they are probably the most decisive due to their 'N' being an 'i'.) For this reason njs probably take the longest to arrive at an idea and their ideas are somewhat highly integrated to their desires. In other words njs ideas and desires are synonymous. Am I correct? Typing from phone here and a lazy typer anyway, so please forgive me for keeping it too brief.

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    I should have added that 'i assume' though njs take long to - note that this is under the premise that ideas and desires are the same to njs - come up with an idea/decide what they desire njs will take action/make a decision due to the j factor even with little to go about with.

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    It's always been problematic for me. My creativity is introverted (being the byproduct of Ni, usually), thus it's hard for other people to understand unless I'm using it to bring direct concrete results.

    Let me give you an example: when I play soccer, I like to be the central attacking midfielder and "invent" passes by taking into account the space left by the defenders, the likely difference in speed between the defender, goalkeeper and forward, and so on...forming somehow an intuitive understanding of the ensemble, and then executing the pass. In this case, the pass will either be successful or not so I can use my creativity "freely" because nobody will argue about the process.
    Something similar can be said about art. I may feel like producing artwork and starting working on it, its structure, etc.; then, when I reach the end result, people will either like it or not. I don't have to convince anyone.

    Otoh for example at work, I may try to produce an idea integrating everything I know about a given subject, implicitly taking into account what may happen if I assume something different, and then spit the idea out. However, I will then have to convince everyone that this idea makes sense, and eventually detail exactly why it's not conflicting with other approaches etc.
    that often takes too much energy and it may be that nobody cares about the end result. So I prefer to produce something straightforward and Te-ish which can be commonly understood by everyone. It's a loss for everyone, but campaigning is in most cases useless.

    Finally, it may be hard for people to take my creativity seriously, when they mostly see my business-like self, which makes it even harder to "show" it freely.
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    -I sometimes/often take a notebook, go to parks/restaurants/bars, eat/drink something and write my book
    -I check wikipedia
    -I browse some blogs related to my expertise
    -I use some programming languages to test some mostly mathematical/computer science ideas that occur to me
    -Listening to music
    -Getting out of computer/texts/other human-created information and immersing myself in here-and-now concrete things

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    my mind is filled with anything and everything ive paid attention to, i then use this information to fiddle with intuitively, until things automatically click together and i get something.

    like if i want to invent new names, i think of a feeling, and then, POP! a name that represents that feeling came. for example, my most recent new name is fueravia. basically, my mind is hard wired with concepts attached to feelings. every concept i have in my mind, i also have a feeling for that represents it. thats why i can intuitively write to you without thinking at all, i mean, its like i dont actually think, my htoughts just somehow come to text automatically.

    which is why it annoys me greatly if i forget a word. makes me very, VERY frustrated, disappointed at myself for not having consistent mind.

    i guess this is partly 4w3 pessimism, but i kind of believe that creativity doesnt exist in me. i only fiddle with data, creating new mixtures. but nothing actually new. thinking this way, then i suppose everyone elses Ni is like that too, no idea how Ne works. i guess they have a map of reality instead of an internal storage of data.

    basically, the only original thing i have are my feelings. i guess, the fiddling thing might actually be my Ti. so in sense, Ni creates an original feeling(Fe) to which i find an appropriate mixture of information that represents the feeling. i guess my Se is prolly the final checkpoint, where i imagine whether the construction impresses me or not, by which i judge whether its worth remembering or not.
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    INTJ 4w3 Sp Sx. (i dont believe in tritype. i do believe in learning traits from others.)

    mistakes happen. expect them, and grow from them. look for them, and avoid them.

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