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...and by the snide comment about my username and general passive aggressive tone throughout your post it’s obvious you’ve prejudged me as a noxious troll, (It was the combination of the name and MBTI type right?) rather than the shy and awkward person that I am.

There was quite a bit really...that went into my interpretation of your message and the intent behind it. Your user name definitely had a good deal of influence... but your MBTI?

Prior to this, I would have imagined any prejudice I held against the xNTP type would merely serve to benefit the individual rather than discriminate. For example, I have a tendency to automatically assume all xNTPs are bright, savvy & agile-minded until experience proves otherwise. Here though I must concede... Because I find it so exceedingly difficult to believe an ENTP would innocently select a user name like 'Trollogo'... without there being any connection whatsoever to the contemporary noun, verb or popular internet meme Yes, your MBTI did influence my response - you are quite right in that.

I could even go on to say that due to the intellectual qualities I assign your type... I find myself questioning the sincerity of your response. It just seems impossible in my mind to imagine an ENTP named Trollogo 'all aghast' when someone suggests they are trolling. These thoughts may also be tied to a pattern I've noticed in some xNTPs.,, That when their efforts to embarrass another person fail and they're called-out...some xNTPs spin the 'I'm innocent and how dare you?' story. <--I'm certainly not suggesting you are doing this. But I do think these things are influencing me like you say.

Other things that influenced my response:

1.) Your avatar looks menacing
2.) You have 70 posts since Jul 2010... and yet your initial contribution here...what couldn't be said in rep or VM...but clearly needed to be posted...was a correction to a detail that really means nothing to the content of this thread...

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Where in the world did you get the idea that NZ was a nation for and of ENFPs? Personal and the only statistical evidence I’ve ever seen point to that not being the case at all.
And, by your own account, you then decided to contribute some jokes... I have no idea why I thought it was more of the same...

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Well you guys are 8% of the US population which would be something like 24 million, and the combined populations of both countries would be around 9 million…… it would barely make a dent.

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Really? I’d have it the other way around personally in the winter NZ is cold, windy, and very wet; while in summer its usually great weather. Ireland on the other hand is cold, windy and very wet all year round.

Forgive me Trollogo for 'getting you all wrong.' And thank you for letting us get back to discussing the OP.