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    Default Si vs Se / Ni vs Ne

    Alright, I think I have an understanding of the Judging functions at this point (although I may need to explore that one later), but right now I'm more interested in figuring out the Perceiving functions.

    From what I understand, Ne is more about expanding OUTWARDS to novel ideas, whereas Ni is more about drawing INWARDS to timeless ideas. I guess this would be why negative stereotypes such as "Ne-users are zany dreamers" and "Ni-users are crackpot mystics" would exist. Basically, when unbalanced, Ne-users cannot settle down and Ni-users get stuck in a rut (I'm guessing?).

    How would the Ne vs Ni dichotomy be analogous to Se vs Si, then? Would it basically be that unbalanced Se-users want to take in new sensations and live in the moment while unbalanced Si-users want to recreate/maintain previous experience and live in the past?

    In this analogy, it would basically be that unbalanced Se/Ne-users would be unable to settle down and unbalanced Si/Ni-users would be prone to getting stuck in ruts. Am I on the right track and/or am I missing something?

    [/Tertiary Ti overload]

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    just posted this sec ago:

    Sensation in general is "identical with perception"(-Jung). Se doesent mean that you perceive with eyes and Si doesent mean that you perceive bodily sensations, both are just Sensing. As mentioned there is objective and subjective side of sensation. Subjective side of sensation is about what the sensation evokes in the person, and the objective side is just perceiving 'what is' in the external world. Everyone has these both subjective and objective sides of sensation, but the difference between introverted and extraverted sensation is that, people who use Si have their consciousness habitually and automatically oriented by the intensity of the subjective factor, not the objective. Se is obviously oriented by the intensity of the objective factor. So even tho everyone has both objective and subjective factors of sensation, no one is both Se and Si user, because you cant habitually orient your consciousness according to two opposing forces.

    and have posted this a while ago:

    intuition is a perception by intermediate links and you only get the results of that whole chain of associations to your conscious mind in forms of instincts, metaphors or symbols, thus it is an perception via unconscious.

    Ni sets the links between things according to how something fits his own subjective view of things(subjective impressions of collective symbols, impressions of relations between extraverted sensations, personal judgments or personal impressions of judgments of others). Ne sets the links according to objective factor, how things have been before and what seems plausible according to the things that have been before(comparing links of Si data points to understand the big picture of external world).
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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