i would put it this way; solid information is something that everyone needs for their sense of reality to be at least somehow related to whats happening. when it comes to functions, for example intuition, it needs some solid information to form the intuitions, or else it doesent have anything to work with. but when it comes to sensing, its more that sensing is what gives you the ability to take in this information. when it comes to functions in extraverted attitude, they all relate to sensations and thus require more solid and concrete information, as thats what makes the E functions tick. functions in introverted attitude on the other hand can work more with abstract concepts(which pretty much has to be derived from processing of solid information in the past) and not require as much solid evidence for everything.

also i think that while there might be correlation with this and some types, this sort of stuff is also effected by personal experiences growing up(nurture) rather than just the type(nature).