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    So nobody knows why Jung put "inferior functionS" as plural here?
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    Quote Originally Posted by greenfairy View Post
    So you think that the extroverted and introverted functions have a push-pull effect, like the persona and the anima/animus? I don't think that is necessarily true because they are supposed to work together, and the things you are suggesting in the OP seem to imply that they undermine each other. If they have opposite attitudes and inclinations they should be in conflict. In an ENFP for example, it's not the Fi which causes them to appear like a J, it's the Te. Fi is a judging function, and so reigns in Ne, but their goals are complimentary and not in conflict. Sometimes the introverted function which works with the extroverted function as primary or auxiliary rationalizes and justifies excess.

    I don't know, you may be on to something- I'll think about it. But these are my thoughts right now.
    Thank you for this very important point, the bolded part is something that a lot of people miss when comparing IPs and IJs, since IPs are Ji dominant some assume this makes them more J like than EPs but this is not true(vice versa for IJs and EJs). Myers rightfully associated J types and their stereotypical behavioral traits to Je and Pi because Si and Ni as a functional preferences are adverse to novel situations that the Pi user has had little experiential associations to build off. This usually makes IJs pretty cautious and deliberate and very much the opposite of the more spontaneous and risk-taking EPs.

    Ji dominance does not usually coincide with predictability with outward world that is associated with most J types, it often leads to a highly iconoclastic approach to ideas and beliefs. Ji can lead to stubbornness when a P type's personal beliefs are challenged but this often manifests itself in rebellious and individualistic tendencies(or endless online arguments), not rigid daily routines and outward organization. IPs are not as spontaneous and novelty seeking as EPs but they are more passive, indecisive, and easygoing and these are equally considered to be P traits.

    Basically IJs are the functional opposites of EPs and IPs are the functional opposites of EJs since perception and judgement is so different when oriented towards introversion(ideas, personal beliefs, ect) or extroversion(external application, social environment, ect). I mean EJs are usually considered the upholders of the status quo(within a specific group) while IPs are more the live and let live nonconformist.
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