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Something you need to remember is that introversion is like the meta version of the raw extroverted function.

I took some notes on this last night, actually. I was pretty pleased.

Expression of ideas. Seizing and illuminating the unseen, drawing connections, determining possibilities. Contrasting the existing context.
Danger: too much novelty for its own sake. Ridiculousness. Too far out of context, or hostile toward accepted context. Seen as weird and/or aggressive.

A big picture focus on the human mind itself, how it thinks and sees things, what its boundaries and capabilities are, how it responds to circumstances. How have ideas evolved over time and how have they stayed the same? How do perspectives change? How does the present manifest this? What are the things people tend to think of?
Danger: Insanity by going too far gone down the rabbit hole of the mind; disconnection from physical world.

Actively applying impersonal logic to the outer world. Managing, measuring, building, applying facts and theories. Making and following rules.
Danger: Inhumanity; treating people as objects with no regard to feelings; coldness; overly driven to succeed

Understanding that all of the systems of history were nothing more than layers on pure physical reality. Examining the absolute, timeless reality that underlies all man made systems, measurements, and rules. Analysis of the big picture, categorization. Application of timeless principles of logic.
Danger: Excessive deconstruction that leads to paralysis, falling out of context of society, excessive practicality.

Literally notice raw physical details and their possibilities for expression. Feeling and experimenting with physical sensations. Creating a viscerally striking image, either with their own body or as a separate work of art. Noting the way the environment appears.
Danger: Superficiality, excessive image, impulsive recklessness, hedonism.

Notice whether the physical environment conforms to expectations. How does the present environment connect to the past? Creating standards to expect. Noting when things are out of standard context or out of place. Making the world more like the well accepted standard.
Danger: stuck in the past, stuck in old ways of thought, inability to change with the times.

Displaying culturally defined outward behaviors of inclusion and exclusion. Demonstrating interpersonal value in culturally defined ways. Weddings, ceremonies, parties, holidays, participation in organizations, following trends, etc.
Danger: Hollowness. Grand, empty displays of social importance that render the feelings involved invisible and go far, far beyond practicality.

Realizing the timeless interpersonal connection that exists at the heart of the myriad cultural displays of interpersonal value. Finding the true feelings of other people that transcend cultural manifestations and experiences.
Danger: Softness, defeatism, inaction caused by unwillingness to maintain professional distance.
This is excellent thanks.