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    Default INFJ's who look like ESFP's?

    Ever met an INFJ who looks like an ENFJ/ESFP? Usually an enneagram 2 party animal?

    Or am I just wrong and these are actually ESFP's?

    There's this certain personality I'm thinking of that I am SO CERTAIN is my best match. I've met it several times and its always been amazing but life circumstances got in the way from letting anythign develope.

    2 of my best friends are of this personality, and they have this tendency to let their lives devolve into alcohol, procrastination, constant partying etc, and dreaming about big ambitious life goals but never taking action to make them happen. Both of them called me at one point when their lives hit rock bottom. I gave them a pep talk, and now they are clean and kicking ass (one of them is on broadway now as an actor).

    Socionics says that IEI's will often times have enormous willpower when someone with plenty of their own wants them to do something. From personal experience it sounds like I'm talking about socionics IEI-Fe's here. Thoughts?

    5. Extroverted sensing
    IEIs have little natural or automatic awareness concerning their ability to make use of their willpower or position and exercise their will in opposition to others. Such a task is bothersome and they appreciate someone taking up the role for them and executing it well.
    IEIs are awed in the face of someone adept at using their willpower or position and exercising their will in opposition to others. IEIs are drawn to people who exude this self-confidence and personal presence; just being with them is enlivening. These are the people who dream big dreams and are capable of achieving them, who aren't fazed by the obstacles that so often stand in the IEI's path.
    The IEIs' own world is one of indecision and hesitation when it comes to taking action and striking out on their own. What best removes this hesitation is when someone else really wants them to do something. The IEI then relies on the other person's strong desire to mobilize them to action, as if the force of their desire were their own.

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    i've known INFJs who can act STPish when wasted/high... or when their horny it can sort of get SeFe-meltdown-ish, which is probably not beyond ISTPs (though i haven't slept with any STPs... yet).

    but ESFPs? nope, never.

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    When I went away from home for the first time my enneatype disintegrates, and from a 4w5 I became an extremely friendly people-pleasing 2, with 7-ish nervous cravings -- and man did I party...

    Good memories though
    4w5 sp/sx EII

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