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    Default Tell me about your type

    I get to read a lot of people's work exploring other types, but not too often do we get an insider's perspective.

    What do you have to say for those of your ilk?

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    Wake, See, Sing, Dance
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    He loves reading, talking about feelings and long walks on the beach.

    Often times he can be found near the sweet section of any store, dribbling over the vast range presented. His favourite colour is blue and he always arrives on time. He also enjoys video games, trolling and tabletop miniature gaming.

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    Its time. Cassandra's Avatar
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    We're more serious than we look, though we definitely love having fun. We see things like a kaleidoscope of different angles, in patterns that mesh together. Thousands of options, of different ways of looking at the same thing.

    How do you find that one option that is *just* right for you in that abundant buffet? And there are so many wondrous things to learn, to discover and explore. So many wonderful people with their unique composition. You gain a newfound appreciation for the people and world around you every day. Each day, you see them in yet a different and often more lovely light.

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