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Thread: types & traumas

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    Default types & traumas

    Saw this on

    "Well it's been documented that any personality type will resemble the negative values of its shadow type (direct opposite) during times of stress."

    Anyone have an idea what he's getting at or know where one might be able to find more information on this kind of thing?

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    When we are stressed we start working with our inferior and tert functions more, because they are more connected to our unconscious part of the psyche. stress brings out these unconscious impulses more to the surface in order to try to compensate the failure to get things done with our preferred methods(dom/aux) and also to shorten the act of consciously pondering of the situation for us to react quicker.

    also our dom and aux functions being opposite to our tert and inferior, they repress tert and inferior most of the time, in stress situation this repression weakens, because we dont evaluate the situation consciously from dom/aux perspective that much.

    and voilà, we got an ENFP for example who is nit picky about details, trying to control the situation and getting frustrated when things doesent go exactly his way and efficiently etc. like a good STJ would. but this is more about situational stress, like busy at work and that sort of stuff. there are topics about form of the inferior, which has quotes from naomi campbells book 'was that really me' if you want to know about more long term stress:

    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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