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    Default The Ultimate Personality System

    Hey Guys,

    I'm pretty new to the forum. It came to my attention that there is no one personality system that's better than the other. That's like saying one race is better than the other.

    Essentially, all systems are the same. Just different variations.

    I think it's great to study other systems to blend in or see patterns. Every system has a weakness, so by using other systems, you tend to fill in the missing gap.

    Here are some resources that I've came across. If you take all of them, your guaranteed to understand yourself at a much deeper level, rather than just one system.

    -Know Your Myers Briggs Type
    -Know Your Enneagram Type
    -Take StrengtsFinder 2.0 (take short character strengths test)
    -Your Socionics Type
    -Your Kolbe Score (from
    -Your Love Language (

    Note: If you take free myers briggs test, you can find someone with the same type who took other test that you haven't to find patterns. All the test are essentially free, if you do proper research. But to get full accuracy, you should invest in each system.

    Also, if there's other systems that has helped you, please feel free to share. I use a mind map and I find the similar patterns in all my test results to pin-point my fundamentals.

    Share your insights below.

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    Honestly? I think out of all the systems, Socionics ESFp-Gamma, PTypes Exuberant Personality (ISFP), and Enneagram 6w7 (counterphobic sx/so) sound the most like me. Like those people are really actually me. I'm an ISFP in one system (ambiverted, relationships secondary) but ESFp in another (goes toward yet moves away, Gammas are the least social of the four quadras it appears, criticizing, harshing it, focusing on objectives and materialism, and keeping to small groups, yet the ESFp unlike the rest of the Gammas still ventures out charismatically enough in their own way).

    I knew I was absolutely a counterphobic 6 when I read it. I was like OMG ARE THEY SPYING ON ME? I actually said once I was the female, liberal Rush Limbaugh in jest, and apparently I share enneagram with the over-the-top histrionic political Ann Coulter, though I oppose most of her politics, and find many of her assertions absurd, I'm just too self-aware to deny it.

    I see templates of people, and I think that's good, that I can have that kind of self-awareness. I wonder if it comes from Fi/Ni and Ni/Fi, IDK, like you look at people with completely different opinions who piss you off, but see how much they're just like you.

    I also relate strongly to Jungian Fi, and even now I'm discovering more and more to Jungian Se who rejects conjecture for conjectures sake, though they do not view themselves as sensually oriented, they are. Oh my god that's me. The Se type simply views himself as realistic. Why the fullness of life? That's all there is, brah. Real nuclear war. Real countries. Real Hitler, he's not a symbol, he was a man.

    I only like Keirsey in that he says ESFPs are Bingers and ISFPs are derelicts, and mostly in his SP matrix of temperament...I relate a little to both SP and NF, but I am not a natural diplomat. Anyone who thinks I'm a diplomat must be some kind of sociopath.

    So I guess I like MBTI the least. I think by MBTI stereotypes I'm most like ENFP.

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