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    Just learning how to drive (at 19), but I LOVE practicing so far! I suck with directions, though. I have no memory for street names or anything like that. My directions to other people is like "keep going straight, keep going straight, & turnnnn.... NOW!"

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    This really doesn't sound type related to me.

    I have a VERY difficult time staying attentive while I'm driving. It's not that I am constantly checking my phone or other dangerous BS, but I have a very difficult time keeping my senses constantly focused on what is happening around me. My mind always tends to wander to something else. People always accuse me of being oblivious to my surroundings and driving is no exception.

    The other day I was driving home from school when I started thinking about how a test went until...OH SHIT RED LIGHT *slams on breaks*.

    Plus I find it really hard to see the road at night, but I suppose that's a different issue.

    Likely ISTJ btw.

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    ENXPs and INXJs I would imagine. Inferior sensing functions are commonly albeit perhaps unfairly associated with poorer motor skills, are they not?

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