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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmotini View Post
    You know Dario Nardi says that as people age they become more like their tert/inf type, like INFJs and ISTPs are almost indistinguishable if they're balanced, past a certain age.

    I think that's the problem with me, I think my Se makes me seem "young" or "childish" on the Internet compared to say Ni doms, but people forget how old I am, and how educated I am, and I think that's why people type me as things like ENFP and INFJ, it's a mistake of age and education.

    If I'm honest about my personality in my teens and early twenties, I see pretty clearly an SP who could barely to stand to go to her classes in high school and avoided college until her mid-twenties, who flew by the seat of her pants and is probably alive due to animal reflexes and sheer dumb luck.
    That would explain why I inexplicably find myself enjoying driving my two-door manual transmission Ford Focus even though it's never been the kind of car I would have imagined liking. It doesn't go particularly fast and it has suspension like an empty soup can, but it is pleasantly maneuverable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Riva View Post

    oh gosh!
    I'm an ENFP and I approve this message.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chana View Post
    i'm 22 and have never had a driver's license so i'm going to go with INFP . i'm just kinda terrified of it and luckily i live somewhere with good public transportation.
    i actually know a few INFPs who got their license well into their 20's.
    if I were asexual, I probably wouldn't even have mine, cuz that was my main motivation for getting one.
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    I consider myself a bad driver everywhere except Houston. I think overall I'm a pretty average driver--a couple accidents early on when I started, I sort of suck at parking outside of the norm, can't parallel park well but I can get the car in there without nudging other cars eventually.. I can get to most places safely and without too many rude moves. I'm more comfortable on a highway or a neighborhood area than I am in a busy city. San Fran was a bit stressful to drive in for me..

    I think I doubt my driving abilities more than I actually should, but that's sort of what keeps me on my toes and keeps me from getting comfortable. I do get a little nervous when I'm driving people I know for the first time.
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    Undoubtedly, INFP's.

    Personally, I am a mean machine extraordinaire.

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    I'd probably vote ENFP on this one, if only because the worst driver I can think of at the moment is an ENFP.

    I know an ISFJ in his mid-twenties who still hasn't bothered to get his license, but another of my ISFJ friends is pretty reliable behind the wheel.

    I consider myself a decent driver. I actually love driving, especially on the interstate/freeway. It's one of the most liberating feelings in the world, barreling down the road with the world on either side, knowing that you could go anywhere you wanted to. Music makes it even better.

    I tend to be a fast driver without stepping into asshole territory. I'll weave through traffic to get somewhere more quickly, but I'm not going to cut somebody off or go twenty miles over the speed limit just because I think I can. An ex of mine always described my driving style as simply belonging to a city much larger than the one I was in.

    I'm good at anticipating others' moves, I'm aware of my environment, and I have pretty quick reaction time. I also have a lot of experience with dangerous weather conditions that many drivers have never had to deal with.

    The only time I feel myself getting anxious while driving is when the destination is unfamiliar - and there's a passenger in the vehicle with me. For whatever reason, I feel like I'm being judged by the other person, and it bothers me. I drive to new sports venues all the time by myself, and I'm unfazed because I'm alone. I don't get stressed out at all. But when there's someone else there to be all, "Why'd you take this exit?" I get irritable.
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    I'd say I'm pretty terrible at driving, but it's only a trouble because other drivers exist. Now, if the roads were empty, I'd probably be a top notch driver, but because everyone else is screwing up or in a rush I kind of get stressed out. It's a big fear of mine to be a burden or to be inefficient, so when I'm going slow or taking my time I know I'm bothering the more experienced drivers.

    I guess it's hard for me to predict everyone else's next move since I'm too busy focusing on what I'M doing, while trying not to screw up and trying to read all the signs etc etc. And, considering half the work in driving is being aware of others' motives, it's bad to be focused on only you yourself. Driving is like.. A whole different level of multi tasking and something I just can't handle. Maybe in the future I'll get better at being aware of everything but for now I'm staying off the roads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jontherobot View Post
    Undoubtedly, INFP's.

    Personally, I am a mean machine extraordinaire.
    Why infp's? This is what I'm trying to get at - which FUNCTIONS are at work in driving?

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    The worst drivers I know are:

    - INFP
    - ESFJ
    - ENTJ

    I'm hesitant to say ISTP. It isn't really bad driving per se; it is more like inattention. I'm not sure there is much of a correlation. I would say that ESTPs are probably the best at driving, on average.

    It also depends on how you define "good" and "bad" drivers.

    I consider myself a good driver- except I speed. I know how to handle my car, and I have never gotten into an accident from driving the way I enjoy driving. Now, some people would consider this kind of driving bad. Some people believe that defensive driving makes a driver "good." To me, it is more skill based.

    I beat a Saab while driving a Honda CRV. They might have been able to go faster, but I drove better, and predicted traffic better. I chalk that up to good driving.
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    I think that Ti-Se is a good combination for intuitive physics in real-time. As a Ni-dom I am not a good driver when distracted in abstract space. When I am present in the moment, though, I am pretty good at this type of thing and can interact with the traffic flow in a logical manner.

    Inferior Te-Si would probably have the most trouble because they would have an internalized idea of how traffic is supposed to be, and might be more likely to impose that idea on it rather than just reacting to what is actually there. I think this is the ENFP.

    Also, this post is mostly jabbering and I'm not that invested in these conclusions. It's just an idea.

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