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    Fi's good for any situation which requires empathy. Social workers, nurses, or any other occupation which necessitates "emotional labor" are things to whom Fi could lend itself. The arts are another area. Really, the OP's question could have been answered pretty easily by looking at any run-of-the-mill Myers-Briggs article on Fi-doms.

    I also think that this is a bit of a silly discussion because functions work in pairs. Where there's Fi, there's gonna be Te. Even if your preference happens to be for the former, you still possess the capabilities of the latter, and no one is gonna question the bankability of extraverted thinking.
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    L. Ron Hubbard thought the key to happiness was to destroy the reactive mind. Buddhism preaches about the same, as do many of the major religions.

    Having said that, Fi as a standalone function is useless or worse. I doubt too many are in this position. Fe is a better utilization of emotion, Fi/Te moreso (as long as you aren't exterminating swathes of people). Of course, this is all relative. I'm sure some would find complacency in action highly undesirable, even compared to general irrationality.

    To directly answer your question: No, it is not worthless. I'd imagine people with developed Fi use to among the most successful around.

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    xxFPs make great artists and fashion designers! They're very good at making their work look unique and interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    Fi provides personal motivation, and thus can apply to getting and excelling in any type of job. If the job is in a field of interest, Fi likely underlies that interest and keeps one going through the demands of getting education/training, job-hunting, and any difficulties that arise. Even in a boring, low-level job unrelated to one's aspirations, Fi can motivate your commitment to get work experience, be loyal to your workgroup ("good team player"), even earn a living for yourself and your family, while also fueling your ambition for something more. I see Fi at the root of many positive work behaviors that employees happily reward, from honesty and integrity to loyalty to an overall good work ethic.
    This pretty much states what I would have tried to say somewhat less elegantly.

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