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    Default Visual Typing System.

    I stumbled upon a new series on YouTube. I'm not sure how credible it is but It was fun to try. They only have two videos to date (one intro video and one on the visual cues of NiTe) but the overall idea of visual typing it pretty cool. In the intro video they cover a lot of data on the combinations of functions within a type and the have video clips outlining the visual clues. (It’s about 20 min long). They said it's hard to type yourself because you can't see yourself. They also said typing is best when done by a trained individual ect.

    I got the idea to record myself via web cam. I just gave a general account of my day. I played my video while listening to the YouTube video of the descriptions of the visual clues people give off regarding their type. It was pretty interesting. I would say it helps not to watch the YouTube video until after you have recorded yourself talking. That way you are unbiased. I got the idea to do this shortly after they talked about P and J hand gestures and the whole time I was trying not to move my hands like a P or a J lol. I kept over thinking it and stopping myself. I had to keep talking until I unconsciously forgot about what I learned in the video to uncover my natural hand gestures. My little makeshift exercise is probably nowhere near as accurate as someone who was trained to do this. However, I will say I defiantly could see myself in the descriptions when I played the videos ( my video and the you tube video) simultaneously. So yea that's pretty much it. Just thought I’d share in case anyone want' to give it a try.

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    Socionics has something of that kind called type visual identification. Some say it works for them - some are skeptics of this approach. People differ in their ability to read body language and draw reasonable connections from it, so I would not expect this approach to be very accurate method in typings.

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