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Interesting! Perhaps the movement element was more something I picked up on earlier in life, thus I have less stress? (I had ballet training for years when younger, and also stepped into my interest in the outdoors at that time). However, more 'raw' in-the-moment reactions, and being in new places (i.e. new cities, new unknowns, etc), and being more able to deal, and less purely stressed/paranoid, has taken time and didn't begin until my early 20's.
for me, those experiences are still so much more Fe than Se. i love new cities, but it's more about the feel than the details themselves in their own right. it's more filtered by its human quality and how that relates to me, as a cultural being who gets off on signification and the collective energy and creativity poured into that, the kind of civilization mark. that's why i always prefer NYC to, say, the woods. i just want to know how you cooked it, not where you found it.

i've been toying with the explanation that this Fe primacy is one reason why yoga rooms have mirrors to help us Fe folk. we respond to the image of the movement, it as a compressed idea, without actually being more connected to our own IMMEDIATE experience. it's always mediated because it's just higher order conceptualization (at the expense of the resolution of experience). and i played sports as an adolescent, but i don't think i was able to truly connect to the experience training. i could connect to the competition within the actual game, but in terms of the training, i still after all these years have a lot of lingering overuse injuries because i would mentally check out rather than stay with what i was experiencing as directly as possible.