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    It's not that Sensors are unable to understand wholistic "theories" and systems. Just that they don't develop their approach that way. The first instinct is more from the ground up, situational, etc.. It doesn't mean they dismiss all theory or can't borrow from the work of others. Like there's some magical "mental block" that keeps them in the dark from those approaches. I benefit from intuitive approaches often or unable to appreciate them. If anything, I can understand some of them enough to improve them or provide more information. But I'm not going to say that's how I build ideas myself. One stereotype for ISTP is the "troubleshooter". I'm fine with that.

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    End of the day though @Kalach is right.

    There is no "argument for" being a Sensor or iNtuitive.

    You just are what you are, a mix of functions, with characteristic weaknesses and benefits according to preference.

    The objective is to overcome the former and maximize the latter.

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