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    Lightbulb Advancing Visual Identification Reading

    Hey everyone. I've been fine-tuning this system for quite a while now, and am pushing out with some new evidence here. I hope you'll find this valuable for your own typing, consider this a free service tutorial on how I read people. I consider VI to have revoulutionary potential for the MBTI, allowing it to gaian academic credability and show that it rests on objective as well as subjective foundations. My goal is to submit a paper about this next year, and a smaller one this year.

    "This doesn't work, because my body language changes depending on my environment!"
    Concious body language Gesticulations
    Body positioning
    Makeup, clothing, hairstyle
    Eye contact
    Unconcious body language Voice tone
    Voice melody
    Articulation and prononciation
    Eye checks
    Eye signals
    Looseness of fingers, positioning
    Reading people based of constructed cues, such as headnods, body language, etc, may sometimes yield positive results, but also risk skewing our results - alot of times we construct a persona of ourselves through our cultural environment and how we want others to perceive us. Reading people based of how they perceive themselves and things like saying "I like to be alone" as an introverted marker, is highly problematic, if you want to verify your reads and see how much they hold up. What I read mostly, is the unconcious body language and voice tone, and that is consistent even if a boy tries to sound more feminine to seem friendly.


    The dominant Feeling ENFJ would alter the smooth Ni-curve, making it slightly wavering, on a very small level, it would bend the tone and let it spike up and down, swaying the message and making it seem more “altered”. They may be read as caring and good-intentioned but also as too emotionally concerned with the message. The Thinking Extroverted ENTJ would rather maintain a steady voice all throughout, making the Ni flow on steadily, giving them a feeling of “saying it like it is”, but also as being too cold or uninterested in the value of their message.


    These four head eye check regions seem to consistently show our development and how we talk during the duration we talk. Doing a check upright indicactes using Ti, and doing a drift to the right shows Fi. A drift upleft shows Ni, and a check up-left shows Si.

    Our eyes dart around in different corners, in different ways - Ne-dom/aux's have eyes that dance around in syncopated (intuitive) patterns, and Ni dom/aux's have eyes that move in syncopated patterns. J shows up for the Ni and Si as eyes that have a directive quality, i.e the eye moves with a clear goal - it's something specific it's searching for or trying to do, whilst the P has eyes that are adaptive, exploring the environment and solving it's mysteries with a compass function, Ti or Fi.

    If you want to support my work, feel free to add your video interview/audio sample of you talking, and give a bit of information about yourself and your mail, and in return, I'll give you my read of your voice/body language.

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    Looks really cool! You might be on to something!

    I totally think looks have something to do with type. And I'm sure voice does as well.
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    Interesting... I've always been interested in VI, but never too sure that it can properly correlate with the different types. For instance, people with Asperger's often have a slightly monotonous voice, so that would skew the results a fair bit (e.g the individual is an ENFP, but the condition flattens out the normally quickly shifting tone that Ne is supposed to have). Still, I like what you're doing. Does looking down-left or right equate to any of the functions?

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