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    Default Popular Misconceptions About Certain Functions

    A space where people can dispel rumors about certain functions, and others can ask about how the function works. I hope this hasn't been posted before.

    "Fe's values come from values that a larger group holds."
    ...what? I'm pretty sure Fe's values come, in most healthy Fe users, from how their values will affect other people's feelings. I would never hold a value just because other people did, I have strong, stubborn values just like it is said Fi users have. However, my values come from me imagining the effect my values will have on other people.

    "Ni is a magical function that can solve math problems by glancing at them once."
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    That perceived TiNi loops equals someone who looks like a wannabe NT.

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    My take on Fe: I don't think most are slaves to the group. We all have our own individual values.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glycerine View Post
    Fe is all about the interpersonal considerations and how one's actions and words/reactions may or may not affect others and how their actions and words/reactions may or may not affect you. Because of this, some may be highly conflict avoidant and live for group harmony but others can be highly manipulative and ruthless. However, most aren't on either extreme. Social protocol may be used as a guideline but Fe users aren't typically drones to them. You can have several Fe doms in a room but all of them disagree on what to focus on/best course of action because each will have a different set of values.
    It isn't necessarily harmony seeking either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glycerine View Post
    Not necessarily. if they aren't aware about how they were coming off, or just truly didn't care, or that isn't part of their goal or values, Fe doms can be quite offensive and aggressive. Just because one is concerned about social nuances, it doesn't mean that they are aware of how they are coming off or are willing to respect them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Glycerine View Post
    If one is extremely outwardly focused and doesn't introspect much, they might not know how they are coming off even if they pride themselves in being socially aware. Also, even if you are fully aware of the cause and effects your actions have on another person (their hot buttons), that doesn't mean the Fe dom will avoid it. Fe doms are humans after all. If they know your hot buttons and want to piss you off, they will most likely do it. In this way, they can easily create conflict.

    My take on Ni: I don't see it as mysterious or magical.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glycerine View Post
    Ni is about the box and turning it various different ways to see different angles. It is about perceiving and picking up different nuances about the box. This also means that there can be an element of perspective bending, Since it can be so nuanced, it can come off as "beating a dead horse" to outside observers. Another aspect of it is putting information into a relevant context for the Ni user (summarizing, gleaming overall patterns and themes) as opposed to brainstorming.
    Quote Originally Posted by Glycerine View Post
    Because of the ability of perspective bending, Ni users tend to see cause and effect relationships in a course of action quite readily. It's like focusing on all the the potential nuances and possibilities of a few aspects of an object while Ne is expansive and looks at the relationships between many different objects.

    On the flipside, the perspective bending aspect can negatively be used to manipulate others to the end goal because if one is skilled enough, Ni can easily frame information to meet an objective.

    On a light-hearted note, the perspective bending is the reason why we tend to find irony quite amusing.

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    Ne = "brainstorming".

    In the mind it sort of is, but that doesn't make me like "brainstorming" sessions IRL where a bunch of people sit around and come up with long lists of generally irrelevant ideas. The difference is that usually Ne takes a direction, eventually looping back to where it began to put the first idea in a greater/deeper context. Whereas brainstorming IRL always seems like an idea popularity contest.

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    Se = hedonism

    It's just about being able to see exactly what something is using your senses as it is NOW. Not what it used to be or what it could be but what it is NOW.
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    That INTP's are computer geeks. While I might still be a geek, I'm more of a economics nerd than a computer one.

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