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    It is just a system that is representative of specific types of processing in the brain by method of categorisation. They do not exist per se and are too rigid to; in reality the brain is fluid and consists of different chemical reactions and electrical impulses, some combinations of which create the forms akin to what is known to be the cognitive functions, but with no such distinctions actually existing.

    But I think that the CFs are limited and do not together encompass the entirety of the human mind's workings. And I also do not believe for a second that there are sixteen types of brain. There is one brain, and merely slight mutations in genetics give the sufficiently powerful illusion that that is not the case.

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    I find Infinite Bubble to be eminently reasonable.

    That said, a generalization such as 16 "types" may be quite reasonable. Practically, it requires fewer subjects to do statistical analyses with sufficient power, all the while explaining an impressive amount of the variance in how the mind works. Further, the reason for the types may be that the CFs are computational tradeoffs. You can't have it all at the same time. The tradeoffs may be along just a few axes, and talking about them as if they are dichotomous may be quite reasonable, given how much of the variance we manage to explain. They may be continuous in reality, but that continuity may only practically serve to muddy our understanding, reducing overall effectiveness/utility.

    At any given moment I would say that your brain is best explained in terms of just one of the types. Each of our brains may have the ability to run as any other type (referring to types as algorithms) at any time with extensive training (see, perhaps, Jung), but you can only be one algorithm at any given moment. So, you have a genetic predisposition to be a particular type/algorithm, and also have the ability to learn how to dynamically rewire yourself as another.

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