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    Default Type/Function and brain dominance

    A while ago I looked at a couple of theories on how each of the functions and type correlates with different areas of the brain. I was wondering about the verifiability of this. These are the two I am interested in:

    Take an ISTP for example. According the first example, they should mainly use the back right and the front right the most. But what if they know/took a test, and they are in fact a very left-brained individual? Does this mean that they have been mistyped?

    I do not know whether or not there is anything to this, or if it could be used as a sort of verification for typing. I'm more inclined
    to believe the second as Intuition and Sensing (as a whole) seem to be very right and left brained activities respectively.


    - Do you believe there is a significant correlation with functions and each of the areas of the brain?
    - If so, which of the two presented are you inclined to believe more?
    - If you don't think it's true, why not?
    - Does your type and brain dominance combination match up to the theory?

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    Thats bullshit. This is closer to truth, but is based on quite limited amount of data

    Also extraversion has been correlated with actionpotentials going towards visual cortex, not from eyes, but from other parts of the brains, sort of boosting info coming to eyes to go certain directions more freely. And introversion to info leaving from visual cortex, going towards other brain regions. But it was about types, E types having more of towards visual cortex, I types more going away from it and less going towards it. This shows that this whole thing isnt all that simple as portrayed by nardi and definitely not as simple as portrayed by lenore(who made the brain laterazition thing you posted)
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