@cascadeco: Uh, I think I am the last person that could ever possibly complain about a thread derail. Also, I love having threads organicly evolve into something else... so this is awesome!

Hopefully not to totally derail, but I love doing new things/seeing new things BECAUSE it's new and I want to experience the experience of it - see what it's all about. And often-times I don't want to know what to expect down to the details... I want to be surprised or want to learn as I go, rather than have pre-set expectations.
Interesting. Ne is, apparently if I am understanding this correctly, more about thinking/and mentally experiencing new things because they are new... and then just explore in my head. *sigh* This explains a lot. I need a small injection of Se... *purchases pocket ESTP*

When I went rafting for the first time, it honestly didn't even occur to me to research it. I was just like... 'yeah, sure, I'll try it out'.
Egads! HaAHAHAHA It didn't occur to me to NOT research it. (I blame my INTP 5w6 father though... he researches EVERYTHING............ TO. DEATH.) I was like, if we are going to do this thang... we are going to do it RIGHT. Sigh, I am such a dork.

There was something recently I got made fun of by my friends because I googled something ridiculously basic to life but I was still curious about it. I can't remember what it was... I'll have to wait for them to mock me for it anew.

What I am getting from this idea here is that perhaps what I need is (hey look a theme in my life) more self confidence that I can handle situations in the moment better than I fear I can't. (which, is actually true... I am good in a crisis. Reality doesn't phase me... it's my own head spinning endless prophecies of doom that get me. >.>) And now I am derailing your derail...

Re. @SuchIrony's question/comment on NiSe perhaps not learning from the past as easily, I'm not sure I'd phrase it in that way, as for me I don't know that that quite captures the core element... it's more shifting in perspectives, and therefore the past may take on a different light if we reach a new conclusion. So we might start viewing the past differently, all of a sudden. Connecting all of it into a different framework, in a sense. I think I've seen reference on the forums from other people re. this being a frustrating aspect they have with some NJ's... just the re-writing history aspect. The past is more morphy, in other words, I think for Ni. Which, I could see as being annoying/difficult for others to understand, esp. if a rewriting might impact them.
I like this... it's very helpful to hear it put this way. It's actually something I like about NJs because I feel they are far more flexible about changing their minds on something after they have made a decision. Whereas I think I am extremely flexible on something UNTIL I make a decision. And then afterwards I get extremely rigid and unseeing about it.

Other component of not learning from past mistakes is that, where per Saturned's OP, the past is constantly compared to and referenced to cross-check with something occurring in the present, with myself I don't always do that... as each new 'present' case might be a slight nuance on the past, where the past might tie directly into it or apply near-100%, thus I can do the direct comparison, or more likely than not, the past situation doesn't quite line up with the present, thus I can't do a direct compare, thus the present is a new Version/variation of something from the past, thus needing a slightly different approach. To the outsider I could see how the 'slightly different' may not be transparent enough and it simply seems the Ni person isn't learning from the past.
Oh, that's interesting as well. Especially the bold. This gave me something very intriguing to consider, thank you dear .