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Can someone explain to me the point of Feeling?

What does it actually bring to the world that isn't already there?

Thinking advances us. Intuition and Sensing are perceptionary and help us understand another's point of view. Ive never bought into the necessity of feeling for the usage of fair and kind judgements towards others.

Feeling just seems to be an emotive roller-coaster that only frustrates people and causes them to act and lash out in pointless ways. Why is it that I perform everything better without an emotive content, or rather when that emotive content is surpressed?

What value, (ironic I know), is there in Feeling? How much worse would the world be without it? Feeling is an intellectualisation of emotive content. In other words it justifies and evaluates using rationalisation surrounded by emotion. But emotion is just chemicals triggered in the brain? Why listen to the chemicals?

Why are some of us trapped into being receptive of these chemicals? I know thinkers arent dead to emotion, of course not, and there is more to feeling than JUST emotion. There is a rational side to it.

But too often that rational side is used to justify the worst of our acts. In both Feelers and Thinkers perhaps....but more often in Feelers.

If we take it to be a true construct of our cognitive faculties, rather than a random theory, then what is it's purpose?

I suspect this is an extension of self hated on my part...but im not fond of Feeling.
The basic point of feelings is that they motivate you to survive. Take the big feelings like anger, anxiety, and passion/lust. They all motivate you to take some kind of action. In the case of anger, you're motivated to destroy an obstacle. In the case of anxiety, avoid something dangerous, and in the case of passion, reproduce. All of these feelings keep you alive and procreating, which is what evolution selected over time. There are more subtle, complex emotions that also have their place, like loneliness, which could be understood as an emotion that motivates interaction with one's community, also highly beneficial when it comes to surviving and reproducing.