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    Default Reactoin to stress - inferior function

    I am not sure if this is a good time to post this, but I'm observing my reaction to a form of stress.

    I have been told something that will impact my future and that I can't change directly. To negate the negative outcome that WILL happen in the near future, one of my plans have to succeed. Unfortunately some of those plans have a rather high chance of failing, some require a very attentive and precise approach which can fail very quickly if a mistake is made. In other words, I could not, as of yet, think of a surely successful plan that will negate what's going to happen sometime in the near future, and now I've found out that the negative effect on me is going to be rather severe if one of my plans won't succeed.

    So this is somewhat stressful, obviously - I don't have a guarantee that I will be able to neglect the severely negative outcome. I can't control it directly (counter-attack) nor can I surely control it indirectly (defense).

    My initial reaction was the feeling of powerlessness which is quite bad. I had a need to either take a long walk and think or to talk to somebody to get some ideas or to talk my thoughts through. Since I couldn't do neither, I thought of what I CAN do, which was watching a movie, which I didn't want to. Which means, I want to work it through, not forget about it.

    After a short while, I'm still feeling quite powerless, and am thinking about my general situation that contains many external things that cause me to not be able to execute my plan or plans right this moment. I am, somewhat, shifting to the "I need to apply brute force onto my plans, every one of them, and MAKE them succeed as soon as possible."

    So, what inferior function is this reaction of? @Arkigos, that was your idea to dwell into this not long ago. So this is a live translation of my reaction to a stressful situation. It began unraveling ~1-2h ago.

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    Another observation from yesterday: my thoughts are scattered and it's quite hard to focus on one thing. It's not impossible, but it requires quite some concentration.

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