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I've tried to make my schedule every week, and it seems fine for things I know at least few days before. But.. I guess I should spend more time convincing myself that following my schedule will really work.

I guess my lesson here is that I shouldn't do other kinds of plans than such that will accomplish the goal when followed.
I just did something like having a gym night, swim night, cinema night, reading night etc.

I wasnt inflexible with it but it meant that I didnt make the mistake of believing that every night was drinking night or every night was party night or something like that at a time when others did make that mistake and did just barely make it through university. There was one occasion I was in the sphere of influence of someone who did have a real drink problem and I almost developed something like it through sharing so much time with them, its something I wouldnt do again and planning a schedule like this is one way to be sure it wouldnt reoccur.

It also allows you to divide up your time and not feel bothered about it again afterwards, so if you're giving over a share of time to one thing you are not thinking about it or guilting yourself about it when you are doing something else. Like if you're training and have training nights you dont guilt yourself about not training when you're reading or socialising you know? For me its a good way to get multiple goals progressed simultaneously.