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    Quote Originally Posted by SuchIrony View Post
    I suspect there may not be as much correlation between J/P and neat/messy as people like to think. I'm quite neat and clean and I'm a P. Okay, my P is weak but I do know people with a stronger P preference who are even neater than I am, like Adrian Monk neat. Conversely, I know some strong J types who have very messy desks, who hardly ever throw anything out and don't consider it an important priority to organize their stuff. I've seen too many exceptions to the clean = J and messy = P for it to be a reliable indicator of type.
    I do think there is a correlation, but I agree it's not nearly as strong as people think. Quite interesting how these things work. I had that stereotype in my mind, and then I thought about it and realized it was just a stereotype and the truth was probably somewhere in the middle; so I created the thread to find out what that looked like. I'm guessing developed Te and Se would be responsible for the external organization of tangible things. Or it could just be not too related to type and I'm overthinking it (as usual).
    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    im not messy, as in throwing food on my lap when eating or pouring juice on table. when it comes to organizing, i keep things in their correct places, i have a spot for my headphones, phone, tea mug on my computer desk, i keep spices on same spots etc. and know exactly where everything is. but on the other hand i do have 5 empty bags of potato chips behind me at the moment(and under them one plate) and i dont mind cat puke on the floor if its not somewhere where im walking on
    That sounds good except for the cat puke. Ew? haha Although I confess I might stick my head in the sand and avoid cleaning up something gross now and then. But it would bother me a lot. I have peanut butter on the inside of one of my car doors right now, and I can't bring myself to clean it. But the car was generally musty and dusty when I got it, and it needs a thorough cleaning anyway. That's what it is, it seems like a big task I would want to be really thorough with and don't think I have the time for. (And peanut butter is relatively non-perishable anyway...)

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    I'm best at categorizing or organizing things to efficiency. And I can carry that on for a length of time until time is under stress, then zero fucks will in turn be given. I'm 80-90% perceiving. I do think I'm an expert at organizing clothes and desktop folders though. : D

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    I do try to keep my space neat and tidy when there is time. When I put time into cleaning, I enjoy some of the tasks, but the thoughts of cleaning cause dread. The environment around me/cleanliness are things that my brain glosses over and this drives neatfreaks crazy. My folders/papers from my classes are in chaos too, but I can find things just fine. My are studio is my "me" space and let's just say this shows.

    My thought process is on the scattered side too, but even with this being said, I can be very goal-oriented. I am generally a messy, disorganized person and my workspace/art studio are chaos. At the workplace, this has affected me a bit. Some people point out messes I've left and my brain doesn't pick up on every little detail. When life gets busy, the mess continues to pileup.
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    I try to pick my stuff off the floor and such, but besides that I'm a mess.

    I feel bad cause like I'll be eating some chips and leave chip crumbs on the floor and I'm completely oblivious to it. Or my roomie will find coffee on the sink cause I filled my coffee cup with water without the lights on and didn't notice any coffee stains.

    I've never been one to make to do lists. I'd probably lose the list anyway. But I see no point in taking the time to write lists of things I can easily remember. As scatterbrained as I am, I have a pretty good memory.

    I organize my things into different compartments at first, but they just turn into boxes of randomness. My school stuff is pretty disorganized too. Ah yes, I put that 3/4 of the way into my bag.
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    Semi-structured chaos.

    I like it more organized but usually have to hit a threshold before I make time for it. I can accommodate clutter, I just don't like dirty much.
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    I focus on the sweet spot of the continuum that makes it easiest to navigate my place.

    I've lived with people who are completely messy, and I would organize their stuff into simple categories. One had an entire room piled with old computer parts, so I bought some plastic drawers and labeled all of them for the different sorts of cables, so that stuff can be found. I do that sort of thing with my stuff which is best epitomized in getting a toy box to throw all the clothes a person could throw on the floor. The huge piled mess makes it impossible to find anything, so I feel like I might as well give it all away if I can't use it or find stuff.

    I also lived with a neat freak that would extensively vacuum all the time, do extensive litterbox cleaning every week, taking it outside, hosing it down, refilling the litter, etc. I would try to stay out of his way and not leave piled stuff, and he would sometimes move my stuff or take away cups before I was done and that sort of thing. I mostly felt sorry for him to waste so much time on redundant cleaning, but I was chill and cooperative about it.

    I found both people ended up wasting a lot by being one extreme or the other. I grew up with very piley messy people, so I ended up being the organizer, but I'm waaaaaaaay different than a neat-freak. It makes me nervous when people have hyper precision. I'm unusually flexible in my ability to live with people at the extreme ends of the spectrum and fill in for the gaps, but also kinda go along with whatever. My place now is pretty much put away, but drawers are mostly stuffed full of whatever category of things that belong there.
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    I'm pretty sure an Estj mom can teach any type to be clean,neat and organized .

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