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    No, I tend to gravitate toward people who are like me temperament wise, not MBTI wise. I dont really care about T vs F vs S vs N. Its all about values, temprament and how they handle themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jontherobot View Post
    When reading/watching something, do you find yourself drawn to characters that are most similar to you and your position?
    If you mean similar to my personality, then yes. I can enjoy, admire, even sympathize with other characters and the situations they land in, but there is something about the ones of my type that just resonates with me, unlike the others. It is an almost physical feeling. I sometimes wondered why I had such dissimilar favorite characters in fiction, but when I learned about types, I realized the dissimilarities were mostly superficial (occupation, wealth, family status, etc). These are the characters that think like me, react, communicate, and even fail as I do. They make the choices I would probably make in the same circumstances.
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    I enjoy a wide diversity of characters. Some I see as having some resemblance to myself but none are just like me. I think a character just like me would probably not make for an exciting novel. Other characters I enjoy are very different from me. It's how the character is presented I think, that determines whether or not I like or admire the character. I like characters that are complex rather than just a cookie-cutter stereotype. Characters that are unique in some way are also a plus.
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