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    Quote Originally Posted by AffirmitiveAnxiety View Post
    Actually adding to this....I think I fucking hate characters who are similar to myself.
    Huh? Please elaborate. Interesting this is because everyone seems to get along with you quite well. One tend to get along with another if there are things to relate to. So if people tend to get along with you so well (vent) you fucking hate them? ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riva View Post
    Huh? Please elaborate. Interesting this is because everyone seems to get along with you quite well. One tend to get along with another if there are things to relate to. So if people tend to get along with you so well (vent) you fucking hate them? ;-)
    I suppose I dont see myself the way others do. Also I dont really know what you mean by this getting along with me thing.
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    I can't think of very many fictional ESTJs who are main characters or thoroughly developed. The ones that come to mind are Lieutenant Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) in Heat and Senior Lead Officer John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) in Southland.

    Perhaps @EJCC has some ideas.
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    Sort of, yeah, though I'm interested in all sorts of characters. I guess I do have a weak spot for the insecure types, regardless of façade...

    (Sometimes I make lists of characters who remind me of myself. Dunno why, it's just a thing I do. )
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    Quote Originally Posted by jontherobot View Post
    When reading/watching something, do you find yourself drawn to characters that are most similar to you and your position?
    Yes. Anytime there is a character I relate to, I am drawn to them, but that's very rare.

    Most of the time I am very easily swayed by an author or director. I watched this one movie where the director/writer makes the viewer think that the main character is an all around good guy. It's something that they do, I don't know how to explain it. The guy was terrible though...he lied to everyone and cheated on his gf with many others. I still loved him throughout the whole film...I even like some serial killers because of the I'm easily influenced unfortunately... lol the author/director usually takes the reins and leads me to what they want to lead me to lol.
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    Yes I do, coz often I learn things from them. Granted, they are only fictional but the way they handle things, think about things, respond to tough questions makes me automatically self-reflect and finetune my own values and povs. It enriches my own view of the world.

    After learning about MBTI, I expanded that practice to other types however, and learning about their way of thinking (while always keeping in mind that this is fiction, of course)

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    Yes, but - I usually gravitate towards characters who are more put-together than me. I like role models.

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    I'm not sure I 'gravitate' towards any particular type. If anything, I get a huge joy out of any tv show or movie that I feel really digs into a particular character, their nuances, their psychology, their complexities, even if in reality they end up being quite different from me.

    Like, an example: Six Feet Under. I loved the show so so much (and it's one of maybe 2-3 favorites) because of the depth of the characters and exploration into their various psychaes. I found all of them immensely interesting in their own ways, and some of those I was most 'drawn' to are ones that are kind of dissimilar to me in some ways.

    Or, Felicity. Now, Felicity is probably most like me, and I really really like her character; however, I'm not drawn to her any moreso than some of the other characters in the show, who come alive to me and who I am super drawn to/find fascinating/interesting even though they are pretty different from me.
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    I tend to be drawn to heroic/powerful male characters. THe kind of guy I'd like to marry. So no...not like me.

    Maximus from Gladiator and Sherlock Holmes are two of my absolutely favourites. Maximus is particularly the kind of guy I admire. Heroic and extremely loyal. Sherlock Holmes, well...I think a lot of women like him because he's powerful and unavailable. He's also the type that you constantly want to see if there's more sensitivity below the surface (very likely there isn't!).

    Although there have certainly been favourite characters over the years who are a lot like me - among others, L M Montgomery's Emily of New Moon; Dorothea Brooke in Middlemarch; and Leonard in the Big Bang Theory (yes!). I'd say Emily and Dorothea are definitely INFJs and Leonard might be.
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