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    Quote Originally Posted by ms.behaving View Post
    I will make you feel what I feel until you stop!
    Many times a SO or even a friend will hurt you without knowing what they're doing. My course of action is to let them know, but calculating it in a way that they experience it directly. And I usually hit back at least twice as hard as I was hit.

    Often, this is the only way they'll learn. And if they don't learn, well, I don't really give a shit and will just boot your ass to the curb.

    I probably give more of a shit than I say, but it doesn't matter, I believe it's my Ti that makes me a man of principle, so I MUST follow through. I don't really get any pleasure from it, especially if it's someone I care about, but if I feel like it's my responsibility to give out a karma bitch slap, I will. Without hesitation.
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    They will for sure hear about my feelings being hurt. Most of the time I speak my mind straight away, however, that depends on the situation and how deep I was hurt.
    If I feel hurt by a person I really like (a close friend) I get angry and say it straight away for 2 main reasons :
    1. He/ She does not know me enough ! I'll teach him/her !
    2. No act of revenge wanted with "my dear surrounding".

    Sometimes I prefer to keep it for me and give a shit when the person will need me. Or I'll just be happy with sarcasm and coldness.
    OR even better : Ignorance (I am still training myself for that).
    As @johnnyyukon said "I hit back at least twice as hard as I was hit". But then this is the end. Game over.
    Because negative feelings are just losing time, temper, energy that I save for good people and others.

    I'm a person who can seem very cool, quite detached and joyful.
    But inside is a more sensitive person than most people can't see.

    Is that Fe ?

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