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That is very interesting. The thing I feel a bit uneasy about with Fe is that it is too easily affected by external factors. I feel like with enough evidence I can be convinced something is right. For example, if I live in a tribe where human sacrifice is practiced, I'm afraid that I will view it as acceptable, and that is a little scary. I don't believe that there is absolute good or evil, and I know that Fe or Fi, people in a certain environment will have certain values. However, this implies is that my values are mutable, and because of this everything becomes grey area. Sometimes I feel like I can sympathize with everyone that I feel like I might lose my sense of self. I know everyone's values will change over time, but the fact that Fe is out there and so exposed, I can't help but feel a sense of vulnerability - that it can be manipulated. With Fi, whether right or wrong, at least you can still know that it's YOU.

I'd love to! There's nothing great about being an Ni-dom, to be honest. It feels like a cat with its paws stuck in a ball of yarn trying to get to the center of it, so you keep pulling and pulling endless thread upon thread but you can never get to it.
I can see how both Fe and Ni would cause issues in ways I perhaps have not considered. Thank you for your insights.