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    I took the official test when I was 20 years old and in college for the first time (just started again last week). I was in therapy and it was my therapist who administered the test to me. I thought it was cool and I have never forgotten it.

    Recently, I delved into it much more deeply, found the INTPc website and that led me to MBTIc.
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    An MBTI test was linked to on a computer game group I was in during 12th grade. I got interested for awhile, and read a lot about it. I lost interest after awhile, and after I noticed that I was judging everything this way but it still missed a lot, but the interest has gone on and off since than.

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    I took the test originally in university (Social Psychology). I have two friends today who are certified testers and I've spent a great deal of time picking their brains. They've both since given me the test again, as well.

    Research led me to this particular site. Yay, Google.

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