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Thread: On Authority

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    1. How do you instinctively respond to the word "authority"? I tend to have a "fight" reaction with it but pretty mellow for the most part. I guess it's strong Fe mixed with an anti-authority edge... I am slightly counterphobic.
    2. Where does authority come from? I guess it depends on the amount of respect.
    3. How is authority destroyed or taken away? I guess it depends on the amount of respect.

    4. Do you always respect authority? Not really. It's not uncommon for me to be saying "screw you" in my head.
    5. If you disagree with authority, how do you deal with it? I just go along with them (hoping they stop bothering me) unless I get really annoyed and then get a bit combative (but that takes a lot)
    6. Are earned and bestowed authority inherently different? Should they be treated differently? yes

    8. What is your usual relationship to authority? mellow/detached up to a point
    9. How does that relationship impact your life as a whole? I just go along with it so they don't bother me

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    This is a really interesting thread. For the moment at least I only have time to say this briefly:

    Concerning my attitude towards those in positions of authority/responsibility -

    If they exercise that authority responsibly, magnanimously, generously, caringly, etc, I will generally have more respect for them than I would for those not in positions of authority (generalizing broadly - of course there are always individuals.)

    And if they abuse the power, are cruel, harsh, looking just for their own profit, and ESPECIALLY if they are unjust, I will certainly have less respect for them than for the average person out there. I will feel contempt and possibly even hatred for them and will look forward to their downfall.

    Nothing unusual perhaps, but that's my 6 perspective fwiw
    Enneagram 6w5 sp/sx


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