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    Default DISC and MBTI Correlation

    I was looking at DISC and MBTI correlation and found this interesting. Any thoughts on DISC and MBTI correlation? I originally was looking at task vs people focus and that led me to looking at DISC. I admit to a personal investment in views. I test as high I.

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    : : DISC type/MB types
    : : D = ExTP
    : : I = ExFP
    : : S = IxFJ
    : : C = xSTJ

    : The reserved aspect seems to correlate to IS. The reserved types tend to be more likely to hold back (I) and preserve the status quo and don't like alot of change thrown on them (S). Both the S and C types are more accepting of standard procedures (S) than either the D or I types.

    That may be true. I interpreted the S type as a strong Judging type, not Sensing. "sitting or staying in one place", "developing specialized skills", "concentrating on the task"...these all sound like traits of IJ types to me. Now, I would agree that an S type would likely prefer Sensing over iNtuition, however I just think that's it the least relevant compared with IFJ.

    : The outgoing aspect seems to correlate to EN. They are more outgoing, more proactive (E), more likely to welcome change (N) even start changing things just to not get bored.

    This part makes me uncomfortable with Myers-Briggs. To me, I think "desire for change" should be on the J/P dichotomy, not S/N. I know many SPs who get bored if they do the same thing over again. Of course, I have my own version of the system which I might post on the main board or something.

    : Putting all this together, here are my best correlations between myers-briggs and DISC types:

    : D: outgoing/task ENTJ
    : I: outgoing/people ENFP
    : S: reserved/people ISFP
    : C: reserved/task ISTJ

    Not only do I think these typings are correct, but they are also "perfect matches". By this, I mean D/S are opposites, and so are the Myers-Briggs matches (ENTJ vs ISFP). Likewise with I/C and the MB types.

    : So an ENTJ would primarily be D, an ENFP primarily I, etc. For the remaining 12 types, they would be mixes. For instance ISFJ is between ISTJ and ISFP and would probably have high S and C.

    That is also true for me. I am an INFP. I am mostly S and my second highest is I. Both types have FP in common. But this also makes sense because my Introversion outweighs my iNtuition, and I am thus primarily an S type.

    : Here are my guesses for the best fit DISC type with each MBTI type:

    : ISTJ: very high C, moderate D and S, very low I
    : ISFJ: high S and high C, low D and I
    : ISTP: moderate S, D, C, low I
    : ISFP: very high S, moderate I and C, very low D
    : INTJ: high D and C, low S, very low I
    : INTP: moderate S, D, C, low I
    : INFJ: moderate S, C, I, low D
    : INFP: high S and I, low C and D
    : ESTJ: high D and C, low I and S
    : ESFJ: moderate I, S, C, low D
    : ESTP: high D, moderate I, low C and S
    : ESFP: high I, moderate S, low C and D
    : ENTJ: very high D, moderate I, C, very low S
    : ENFJ: high I and D, low C and S
    : ENTP: high D and I, low C and S
    : ENFP: very high I, moderate D and S, very low C

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    DISC seems to map right on to Interaction Styles. Berens herself has compared them.


    They can also be extended to the Keirsey groups:

    Here are two sites that correlate them the same way:
    [This one doesn't use the type codes, but they are similar]:

    ISTJ: very high C
    ISFJ: S-C
    ISTP: C-I
    ISFP: S-I
    INTJ: C-D
    INTP: S-D
    INFJ: C-S
    INFP: high S
    ESTJ: D-C
    ESFJ: I-C
    ESTP: D-I
    ESFP: high I
    ENTJ: very high D
    ENFJ: D-S
    ENTP: I-D
    ENFP: I-S

    (I believe third and fourth place will vary more).
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