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    I’m not entirely sure these things are inferior Se, but I guess it would make sense for them to be so I’ll mention them.

    I need almost everything in my external environment to be exactly where I usually put it or I’m screwed, it can take me hours to find it. One day I couldn’t find my keys for four hours- I must have checked the fridge thoroughly about 20 times, I ended up missing a couple appointments- eventually I found them in the front door. I’d never taken them out of the doorknob the previous night. It took me four hours to figure this out. And so I have a sort of constant background anxiety about making sure everything important- keys, wallet, ipod, bills, etc- are in their designated place. I don’t need my place to be meticulously neat or clean, I just need for the important things to be exactly where I expect them to be.

    I also find myself constantly checking to make sure I turned things off- or locked things. I wouldn’t say it’s to the point of OCD, but I can find myself walking away from my car thinking “Wait, did I lock the door?” several times before I remember to pay attention while actually doing it. I think maybe one of the things that separates this from OCD is that quite often I find I didn’t lock a door behind me, or unplug an iron, or whatever. It’s like I have the thought “I should do that”…..and then before I know it, I’m walking away wondering if I did it on autopilot or not.

    That website sulfit linked lists these for inferior Se:

    Se-inferior Types
    • Obsessive focus on external data
    • Overindulgence in sensual pleasure
    • Adversarial attitude toward the outer world
    What I already described probably falls under ‘obsessive focus on external data’. I don’t think I really do the overindulgence in sensual pleasure- or at least, I don’t notice it if I do. As far as ‘adversarial attitude toward the outer world’: I do get more bent out of shape than most people when someone/something in my external environment interrupts me, if I’m in the middle of something. My INFJ son has always had this problem too. If I have distinct path in my head that I’m following (on some task) and something in the external environment imposes change on that path, I have a really hard time going with the flow and changing the path as things come up. Like for example: running errands, and a hose busts in my car engine- even though it’s something which is relatively easy to fix, I can get unreasonably angry and feel overwhelmed with a "the sky is falling!" feeling if I don't remember to lighten up. Or back when I was writing papers in school- I couldn’t answer the phone or the doorbell while writing, because it’s too hard for me to switch gears. BUT if I know ahead of time there might be interruptions, then I’m far more adaptable- like if I expect someone to call in an hour, I can still write for that hour and not be driven crazy by switching my focus. I really have to know something is coming, though.
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    The bad:

    Rampant fear, constant nagging feeling that i have missed something vital, anxiety, abusing Ne to what-if all the possible disaster scenarios I should prep for, a dig-in-heels response to anything that is foreign or new of (especially if I cannot access NeFi to assess the dangers and skills required to deal with the situation), if pressured, the fear magnifies infinitely to the point where I act like a cat who is cornered, and god help those cornering me, even if its really a silly situation, my flight or fight response just gets blown out of proportion, and drama ensues.

    The good:

    I love the nostalgia I get from certain places, smells, emotions that trigger memories or memories that trigger emotions :heart.
    It remembers peoples backgrounds and unique quirks so I can map out their personality, and occasionally conjures up the most funny trivia Ive read somewhere in my brain, to use in a situation. It keeps a file on all the situations Ive been in and the analysis Ive run on those with NeFiTe on how to handle those and those similar to them in the future. I love how I remember the melody of songs that I do not even know the title or artist of, and I can sing along without realising it. IN fact, I love it when my Fi and Si team up

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    In times when I consider myself 'unhealthy', I think negative aspects of enneagram and pure introversion are much more relevant than negative aspects of an inferior cog. function. So, withdrawal, seclusion, apathy/confusion/anxiety/negative emotions more at the forefront, irritability towards almost everything. I also tend to immobilize myself as I don't have the mental bandwidth or inspiration to do much of anything, and that in turn affects me physically, so it's a bit of a loop.
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    not sure which is my inferior function but here is how my stress goes:

    -i have close to tears moments because i feel extra sensitive
    -i feel like people let me down, like i have let them down
    -sexual desire often increased, physical pleasure makes me forget about problems (idiotic if you ask me)
    -i feel like crying for no reason
    -i feel like i have a breaks in my head
    -i feel pressure in my lungs like smth is constantly over my head and i can't handle it anymore. usually because i have too much tasks and can't think of all these problems, and please everybody and do everything and no one usually sees how much im trying and i don't wanna tell them cuz that makes me needy and i don't wanna be needy to others. I would like to present more to others but i feel like i have no strength to handle more and it makes me feel liek i have no space left for others and it's so frustrating. I all of the sudden become a burden and not the one who is burdened. And apparently i don't like it.

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